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Montreal Gay Info ~ Welcome To Our Proud City !

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Montreal's most popular gay internet link destination with an extensive listings directory of businesses and services.

With 36+ years of pride & experience !

Your personal gay resource guide and service listings with a library for tips to many details with articles about our fantastic internationally renowned friendly city.

Our info site link is your domain...

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We can also be found on the YouTube, GoogleMaps, MySpace, GoogleProfiles, FaceBook, GeoCities, BlogSpot & Twitter networks with more coming in the near future. All this to provide the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community a location on the world wide web internet.

Keeping in mind our main focus is the local issues first and foremost about our gay-friendly city. Our service team is committed to share outstanding quality details to help you to also connect with local Montreal gay listings info for more interesting detailed stuff than any other world wide web (WWW) internet link.

A proud community service & partner in Montreal (Quebec) Canada ~ Since 1977 ! support team along with this website, directly leads you to info about gay-friendly Montréal... ~ "Just imagine meandering through streets of our fun gay city and savouring the clear night sky in the evening..." - as written by The SPY de Montreal in 1999.

Did you know that Montréal has been placed on a prestigious list, as one of the top 10 places worldwide to see and to be seen-in too. We're very proud to introduce this free source that is your straight-friendly plus gay community listing service for the downtown area and beyond...

Start to see why we call it "Our Beautifully Dynamic City" for its citizens and visitors alike. So you can plan your way around and you will want to venture-off to explore the many too !

We are now pleased to introduce GAYroute in more languages, as part of our global development efforts and we're very happy to announce that GAYroute has your personal link to a well known translation service. So whether you use it to rendez-vous online or have a tête-à-tête, GAYroute acts as a liaison between local professional business linked to the world and adding new informational links to the GAYroute travel website every day of the year !

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Info gay directory listings for Montreal Quebec Canada.
Gai listings répertoire info de Montréal Québec Canada.
Informacións listados gay por Montreal Quebec Canadá.


We welcome you to visit right here our free local gay community website for Montréal and do take special note any of the click ads are not ours that you see posted on our gay operated website. Take a look at them, then return to this 100% gay community supported website your at right now. Each listed item has been added for your exclusive gay travel needs. As we travel too - we've included more than you might require to enjoy your stay in our very gay-friendly city !

Thanks from our directory team, ~ Your Directory Info.

We are affiliated with Info

NB: The services of are registered as and also many other unique domain names.

Graphic layouts by DBL4DEZYN © ~ Our Proud Service !

Since 1977 We've been informing many visitors with up-to-date gay travel listings about our fantastic city of Montréal and are now happy to offer it to you today. Please enjoy it too !

View and click the 'About Page', in the column to the left of this page, for all kinds of information you will enjoy reading about on your visit or a planned trip to stay in Montréal, Québec CANADA.

Travelling alone ? • Well check out the 375+/* detailed iñ•fö ™ items on our 'Listings Page' for things to do and discover about our fine gay city. They are yours to explore and savour while in town. *(changed every other week)

If you request any other info or gay related help, please contact us at the 'Contact Page' or use the local E-mail service network provided to you.

Also new to • We have listed on a page our 'Favorite Links' with some other great websites (our private selection & Montréal's weather too). You can enjoy these along with our own service network of local details and information about the "Village Gay".

Finally, we offer you a chance to speak your mind and send us an E-mail plus take the time to answer our 'Web Poll' question today (see below right). All from the privacy of your own place - where ever that might be in this gay universe...


photo: a festive Ste-Catherine E st. gay event and yes we closed the street to traffic for a few days !!!



Do you require any assistance to find a room or lodgings ? Check-out this gay owned & operated service for more details.

E-MAIL: can4reservations AT gmail DOT com

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Include your name, phone, exact In-Out dates, number in party and budget details.

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Thanks for visiting & enjoy your stay !

Welcome to all CIRCUIT PARTY visitors and remember to ask us about all of the special events for this year...

*NOTE: We try to update our main listings almost regularly during the year. If you do not find what you are seeking, let us know today.

Last update: Saturday 03 August 2013.

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